Physical Medicine

Physical medicine emphases the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders with nerves, muscles & bones that may cause temporary or permanent impairment.Physical Medicine


Chiropractic treatments are very effective for easing pain. Dr. Sheitelman will help you to stabilize your situation and give you the pain relief you are looking for.Learn More...


Our sister company, Massage Pros is Arizona’s newest Massage Therapy provider specializing in a wide variety of massage services to reduce Stress or recover from an injury.Visit Massage Pros...

Welcome to Sheitelman Medical & Chiropractic Center in Surprise, AZ

We specialize in blending traditional Chiropractic techniques with advanced Medical techniques to bring about lasting pain relief.Sheitelman Chiropractic - Chiropractor in Surprise AZ

Here at Sheitelman Medical & Chiropractic Center on Bell Road in Surprise Arizona, we care about you and your health. All of our patients are like family to us and are treated with great respect. We make sure each and every patient gets individualized and completely specialized chiropractic care.

Dr. David Sheitelman works with numerous different conditions, including: back pain, neck pain, knees, ankles, wrists and shoulders. He has helped countless patients with Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel pain. Call us at 623-214-7600 and receive your free consultation and examination to see how Dr. Sheitelman and his Chiropractic and Medical team can help you improve your quality of life today!

Dr. Sholom Gootzeit, D.O. specializes in PRP Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, an amazing regenerative process that can work wonders to heal injuries and relieve your pain.  PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma actually jump starts healing after injuring a ligament or tendon.  PRP is a simple process and can offer amazing regenerative healing benefits.  Learn more about PRP Platelet Rich Plasma therapy or watch a PRP Video Testimonial.

Sheitelman Medical and Chiropractic Center Offers:

  • No Wait Policy
  • New Chiropractic and Medical Patients seen the Same Day!
  • Doctor prescribed Massage Therapy
  • Zero Hassles, We File All Insurance Paperwork

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13757 W. Bell Rd., Suite 101
Surprise, AZ 85374